Your 33 Black Angels

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Y33BA was born in Brooklyn, but dreamed in a West Harlem flophouse. There was a bottle of Wild Turkey, grown men in boxers, and far too much bachata music going around. We were not fond of "shoegazer" sensibilities or requisite visits to tatoo parlors; we wanted to sing about the basics: cold merciless women, irresponsible philosophy and violence. We all [unprintable under advice of legal counsel] and insanity and made it our torch: Benji with his 'stache and rolled tobacco, John with his dominant chin and [unprintable], Josh with his guile, mind control and[unprintable], and Tim with myriad indulgences and Epicurean essence. They took on the monikers from today's hip slang, and the Earth was made anew...The M-Diddy, J-O-C, BJ KastIron, and W, the undertaker.

By: Your 33 Black Angels

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