Twenty Ripped Angel

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Members: Fritz T. Fell - vocals
W. Sawczuk - guitar
Cyril Charles - bass

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Band Bio: On Christmas Eve, 2002, Cyril Charles (bass) was awakened in the middle of the night by a angel with a message telling him to form a Christian gospel band. Cyril was convinced that this was a terrible nightmare. In return, Cyril contacted fellow Catholic school dropouts Fritz T. Fell (vocals, guitar), W. Sawczuk (guitar) and S. Von Ziegler (drums) to form the next prophecy in the hybrid heavy metal genre. The result is Twenty Ripped Angel, a band born to unleash hell through songs with subject matter such as serial killers, religious repression, suicide, the occult, self mutilation and a shear loathing of their formative years.

August 2004 welcomed the arrival of keyboardist and programming master Rob Rabon to the band. The addition of Rabon has managed to push twenty ripped angel's sound and live show over the edge.


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