The Primms

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Genre: Rock

Members: Andy Redman (vocals, guitar) | Gav Perry (lead guitar) Adam Perry (bass) | Rob Alle

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Band Bio: Moving to New York City from the UK in the dead of winter, with little or no money, and only a few tracks laid down is not the typical route a rock band wants to start their rise from obscurity.

But it was these circumstances that provided the catalyst that fueled The PRiMMS? creative force. The one solace they found was in the hours spent together each day practicing and writing. By existing in such an isolating metropolis meant that the hardships experienced in their everyday lives poured into the very music they were creating. Those experiences coupled with their optimism and vulnerability (a seemingly English peculiarity) produces The PRiMMS? unique fusion of the hard and the soft, the ugly and the beautiful, and the familiar with the unfamiliar.

Although The PRiMMS have been playing together since 2001, it?s only been since their arrival in New York City that the band has felt like it?s grown and achieved the one thing they desire most -- sincerity and reality in the music they are making.

Comprised of only four members, The PRiMMS create a sound that is richer and more three-dimensional than you?re your typical four-man band. The soaring vocals above the heavy yet catchy guitar riffs create a dramatic landscape of sound. Along with the thick bass lines and inventive drumming, The PRiMMS' sound comes together as beautifully melodic yet heavy and jagged. The group created a buzz in the UK with the release of their first radio single, ?Do You Know The Future.? The single earned them stellar reviews as well as radio play and a successful tour throughout the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, that buzz hadn?t yet reached across the pond to the United States where they were virtually unknown upon their arrival. Slowly the word has spread and The PRiMMS can now boast a laundry list of impressive shows including a handful at the renowned Mercury Lounge and many other Lower East Side venues.

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