The Nightingales

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Genre: Punk

Band Bio: The Nightingales are an early 80's English post-punk band who released records on Rough Trade and Cherry Red records and blazed trails similar to The Fall and Mekons. The Nightingales were borne from the ashes of the Prefects, a late 70's punk/nowave band who left few artifacts, despite being a great coulda-shoulda been post-punk band of the late '70s. Rubbing shoulders with Wire, Joy Division, the Slits, and the Clash, the Prefects garnered critical acclaim for both their terse and witty punk outbursts and their intense art/post-punk experiments. As the '70s became the '80s, the Prefects evolved into the Nightingales, and with little personnel change, put out a classic debut single in 1981 on Vindaloo through Rough Trade. Produced by Adam Kidron, it's a glorious clattering, trebly racket, matched only by peers Josef K and The Fall. Brooklyn's Acute Records recently issued a definitve release of all of the Prefects recorded studio material.

By: Todd Patrick

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