The Cobble Hillbillies

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Genre: Bluegrass

Members: Rob Bentley - Bass
Jason Cade - Fiddle
Ron Deckelbaum - Banjo
Brad Ein

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Band Bio: Born out of Brooklyn in 2003, the Cobble Hillbillies play energetic urban bluegrass with a neighborhood feel. The young band is comprised of six friends, transplanted from Quebec, North Carolina, St. Louis, upstate New York, Chicago and Oregon, but all drawn to the raw, vigorous honesty of bluegrass.

While the band loves to sing traditional songs that tell the stories of an earlier America, they also write powerful original music, steeped in the bluegrass style. The Cobble Hillbillies sing about New York's F train, chronicle fateful travels to Mexico, and offer glimpses into the lives of riverboat captains and lost lovers in the civil war. Throughout are lonesome 3-part harmonies, catchy melodic hooks, and hot licks from banjo, fiddle, harmonica and mandolin.

The Cobble Hillbillies strive to play music that has integrity without taking themselves too seriously. While the folks who come out to see the Hillbillies' shows defy cultural or social categorization, they all enjoy a night of music connected by both authenticity and informality to a tradition stretching back into the early 20th Century. The Cobble Hillbillies are one of the rare bands that seem to recognize the heart of bluegrass has always been its social quality. Come on out and make friends.

Discography We're currently in the process of recording our first album, and the 3 songs posted are rough mixes. We have been streaming older recordings on our site and have been on some online radio broadcasts as well.

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