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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Sanitarius is a thrash metal band from Staten Island, New York out to keep metal music alive and makea name for themselves. Sanitarius was formed in April of 2002 by originating members Robert Quartararo and Stewart Ustick. Both were in a band before called Overload but that quickly fell apart. They shortly found drummer Adam Lechillgrien formerly of local band Fusion (which never played any shows) and started playing and writing. Sanitarius's first gig was October 11th 2002. In January of 2003 guitarist Greg Sammis also formerly of Fusion joined the band. Sanitarius then got rid of there old material and started fresh. In August of 2003 they recorded their first self-titled demo. They continued to play shows through 2003 into 2004 when Adam Lechillgrien ultimately decided to leave the band for personal reasons within the band (not wanting to play shows) and outside the band. Sanitarius then picked up drummer Ilya Babkin. They played with Ilya until August of 2004 when the band decided to let him go due to musical differences. Sanitarius now has Dave Cordero of local band Pendulum playing drums for them as a temporary player. With Dave they recorded their second demo entitled Novus Ordo Seclorum and are continuing to grow musically.

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