Retrograde Perversion

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Genre: Rock

Members: Gordon - guitar - vocals
Monique - bass - vocals
Arthur - drums - vocals

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Band Bio: New York City's own Retrograde Perversion is a musical force to be reckoned with. Formed September 2006 and armed with sexy, sassy lyrics and masterfully powerful rhythms this 3-piece pop rock/punk outfit delivers the goods with a style and brand of rock and roll that will leave you feeling tantalized! Bassist Monique (dubbed The "Fabulous" Monique by her adoring fans) is a classically-trained musician who was mercifully let loose on the local northeast rock scene, employing her trade everywhere from New York City's filthiest rock venues, to its most glorious concert halls. The true backbone of the band, Monique lays down the rhythmic law whenever she hits the stage. Drummer Arthur, long known to the scene from his tenure in Dharma Road and Blush66, drives the band explosively, methodically tapping out the backbeat while sprinkling harmonies onto the melodies just like syrup on pancakes. Simply put, Arthur will thump your skull for ya! Gordon heads up the group with a frantic 'meat & potatoes' six-stringed attack that swoops in under the radar and then lays waste to any sized concert hall. Gordon, a veteran to the NYC scene, also the band's confident lead vocalist, has performed steadily on the NYC scene, traversing most of the city's major venues along the way. Haven't seen Retrograde Perversion live in concert yet? Well what are you waiting for?!

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