Red Fang

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: There is no denying that rock as a musical form is aging. But the rock hospital doesn’t just have a geriatrics ward. There is a pre-natal wing with more than a few screaming babies. Not all the hallways in the rock hospital are scrubbed clean and antiseptic. There are still some cockroaches hiding in the dark corners. There is still a dusty black, greasy hot boiler room where the cadavers of rotting, forgotten bands are being burned. Those fires heat the howling children who represent the raw, dirty, angry future of rock. Red Fang recalls a time when rock was urgent and a little horrifying. A time before advances in recording technology and the demands of marketing schemes called for the forced sterilization of a whole generation of rockers. Metal was all but banished except for the occasional ironic nod. The late 1990s left us all wondering if irony would spiral so far out of control that all that would be left of music was ironic references to ironic references so far removed from the original reference point that the whole thing would just blow away forever. Thankfully, a wind did come to blow away the irony, but it didn’t destroy rock music – it was its rebirth. The wind came in the form of bands with a true conviction to the music they loved. Of course, conviction must always be paired with execution – and that combination will always trump irony. Thank god, Red Fang can execute. Residing somewhere between Black Flag and Black Sabbath, Red Fang can shift from barnburning punk to mid-tempo Big Business style hyper-distorted bass destruction to YOB-inspired doom while still sounding totally cohesive. The ability to synthesize a huge variety of heavy music influences while still maintaining their own distinct, identifiable personality sets Red Fang apart.

By: Red Fang

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