Nozomi Phoenix

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Genre: Rock

Members: Shane (Vocals, Guitar) - Michele (bass) - Andy (Drums) - Marcus (Sax) - Nathan (Sampl

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Band Bio: Paradox surrounds Nozomi Phoenix. Sophisticated yet raw, unconventional while still accessible, alternately atmospheric and hard-hitting: the band is adept at lending congruity where there should be none, and in this rectification of duality sits their inner essence.

The band's style of moody evolutionary rock has garnered comparisons to artists such as Jeff Buckley, Sonic Youth, and Pink Floyd, to name several. The band itself is influenced by visual and aural artists such as: Akira Kurosawa, Sebastiao Salgado, Amon Tobin, Slayer, Charles Mingus, Anton Corbijn, U2, Richard Avedon, Mamoru Oshii, Fugazi, Massive Attack, Neil Young, Quasimoto, Diane Arbus, and Tracy Silva-Barbosa. The mission of Nozomi Phoenix is not to evoke images of imitation, or ideas of surface things, or of egomania and closed doors, but to heal, to awaken, and to enable. You can listen to some tracks and buy their debut EP at their MySpace page:

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