Kyle Eastwood

Kyle Eastwood

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Genre: Jazz

Members: Kyle Eastwood, Andrew Mc Cormack, Martyn Kaine, Quentin Collins, Graeme Blevins

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Band Bio: Today, Kyle Eastwood is less and less known as the son of Clint Eastwood and more of a universally respected musician and leader in his own right. A virtuoso bassist on electric and upright, as well as a talented composer with a keen ear for great tunes as well as the subtleties of modern jazz, he is right at the forefront of the contemporary scene, having chosen to immerse himself in the music he loves. Dynamic and pulsing, full of swing, great rhythms and memorable melodies, Songs From The Chateau is Eastwood’s fourth US effort on Rendezvous Music (licensed from Candid Records—one of the leading independent jazz labels in the UK). With this new album Eastwood set out to capture the sounds and energy with which his band regularly tours the world to sellout crowds.

When he is not on tour Eastwood spends much of his time between Paris, where he has lived on and off for five years, and Los Angeles and is very much at home in France; Eastwood’s preceding release on Rendezvous, Metropolitain, was also recorded in France, so it was natural to look there for an ideal place where he and his musicians could relax for a few days and allow their creative juices to flow. Such a place turned out to be the fabulous 15th Century Couronneau in Ligueux, deep in classic Bordeaux country, and Songs From The Chateau was born. To capture the authentic sound of the all-star band Eastwood has on display, producer Crofton Orr and the engineering of Simone Griva were enlisted. Also on board was long time collaborator Michael Stevens (cowriter with Eastwood on the scores for films including Changeling and Gran Torino).

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