Johnny Wishbone

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Genre: Rock

Band Bio: Johnny Wishbone, a high-energy 5-man assault of heavy funk and hip-hop, mixing powerful melodies and hard grooves with tribal percussion and electronics, is emerging out of New England as a premier independent hard rock act. At the base of JW's sound is the hip-hop styles of drummer Doug Arsham. He lays down deep-pocket beats to which funk-master bassist Hugh Eaton forms an ass-shaking groove with his manic slap-pop insanity. Guitarist Raymond churns out walls of sick distortion, stellar clean-note melodies or weirdo sound effects depending on what kind of foundation the rhythm section lays underneath him. On the percussion, turntables and samples, is utility man Springs Wade, whose mastery of all-things percussive and electronic is the icing on the JW cake. Finally, if that wasn't enough, acrobatic singer Milk has a unique flow - sometimes rapid fire rhymes, sometimes monsterous melodic hooks - that perfectly compliments the music behind him. On stage, it all comes together, a familiar sound you've never heard before.

Formed in 1999, Johnny Wishbone has achieved a great deal of success in their short existence. A $4000 battle of the bands prize helped them produce their May 2000 debut "Make it Nice". The popularity of that album, along with relentless touring from Maine to Philadelphia, has resulted in extremely positive local and national press, several equipment endorsements, music licensing deals, a surging fan base in the Northeast and in satellite national locations, and serious music industry recognition.

New England large market commercial stations have grabbed a hold of Johnny Wishbone, spinning tracks heavily on the local shows, and working in plays during peak hours. The band has appeared in the studios of several of these stations, fielding questions and performing their songs acoustically. A college radio campaign landed them on the playlists of 60+ regional stations.

In the television and film publishing realm, JW has been no slouch. ESPN licensed a track from "Make it Nice" for use in the 2000 X-Games and most recently, MTV licensed the entire "Make it Nice" CD for use in their hit show "Undressed" and used a 20-second clip from "Funk Punch" in episode #410 in February 2001. Their music will also be featured in an independent film with a working title of "Hu-Kwa", which is slated for release in late 2001.

The band has encountered major success online, cultivating an e-mail list of 6000+ addresses, and a nationwide street team of over 300 eager helpers. Their comprehensive, self-run web site helps them connect with fans and an intranet helps them manage and stay up to date with press outlets, promoters, suppliers, distributors, and other contacts. Several high profile rock and metal web sites have showcased Johnny Wishbone and the web site including The Pimp Rock Palace,,, and many others. MP3s from "Make it Nice" have been downloaded at a frantic pace and are prominent on Napster and on dozens of high-profile MP3 sites. The Boston Globe featured Johnny Wishbone as one of the highest downloaded bands in Boston.

In July of 2000, Johnny Wishbone won the / Flawless Records "Diamond in the Rough" talent search and played a record label showcase at the Palladium Nightclub in Worcester, MA for Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit and founder of Flawless Records, along with talent scouts from Flawless before that evening's Limp Bizkit/Cypress Hill concert. They came in first place among 50 popular unsigned New England-area bands, which earned them the showcase slot.

In other showcase news, Johnny Wishbone was played the CMJ MusicFest 2000, one of the world's largest record label showcases, in New York City in October of 2000. The band has also been selected to showcase in Boston at NEMO 2001, one of North America's premier music industry events, this April.

Finally, Boston major market station WBCN has asked Johnny Wishbone to compete in their infamous battle of the bands competition, the WBCN Rock n' Roll Rumble, this coming May. Other bands that have competed in the Rumble are such notables as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Powerman 5000, Tracy Bonham, and The Lemonheads among others.

Johnny Wishbone is endorsed by Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers, MTD Basses, Grendel Basses, EBS Professional Bass Systems, Anvil Cases, D'Addario strings, and Matthews and Ryan Musical Products.

In 2001, Johnny Wishbone is expanding their touring base further south and west, is writing scads of new, high-octane songs that so far have heavier grooves, funkier breakdowns, and more melodic hooks than their earlier material, and plans on recording a new album sometime during the summer.

One way or another, Johnny Wishbone will be going global in 2001.

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