John Biz

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: At the age of 13, he started playing in punk rock garage bands in Staten Island, NY. After finishing college, he was living in Long Beach NY, just steps from the Atlantic. Perhaps it was the psychedelics, perhaps the tide, but something began to take over young Biz's dreams, and he would wake up and paint all day, and every night he would record music in the warm isolation of his little beach bungalow. In a pragmatic attempt to use his philosophy degree, he went to law school, but found it draining and creatively stifling. One day, our hero decided to veer off the path of financial stability and follow the road to certain death (i.e. a career as a starving artist).

The following years proved to be tremendously difficult, but this prolific and driven artist managed to set-up shop near the Bushwick project houses in Brooklyn NY, spawned a slew of visual art, and started Industrial Park Records (named after his move-in-at-your-own-risk neighborhood) which has since released Empathy by Shake Faithful (2004), and John Biz's first solo release, The Elephant In the Room (2005). However, a hefty price was to be paid and in August 2005 he lost his home, workplace, and car, before finally claiming bankruptcy the following October.

Inspired by the contrast between his recent personal and financial disaster and new found romance and determination to find happiness and success, John Biz moved on to create his latest and most prime masterpiece, The Happiest Days of My Life. The legendary Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, the Breeders, etc.) recorded the album in just 4 days at Chicago's famed Electrical Audio under the guidance of John Biz and his trusted comrade and co-producer Mr. Christopher Hill. Its high performance rhythm section features Dave Patrikios (bass ? former Realistics, Greensleep) and Stephen Chopek (drums ? former Charlie Hunter). Biz's relentlessly aggressive guitar work graces the ear with supercharged harmonics and infectious melodies. His lush vocals and emotionally driven lyrics gracefully speed along a twisting dark highway, effectively scaring the shit out of you while making its way to a brilliant outcome. The vibrant allure embraces the bold and youthful heart while simultaneously addicting the most skeptical connoisseur, proving to be a vital addition to any street smart music collection. From start to finish, this is pulse pounding, self-sacrificing American rock 'n' roll at its absolute finest.

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