Jake Stigers

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Genre: Rock

Official Site: http://www.jakestigers.com/

Band Bio: Just one listen to Jake Stigers and you?re a fan. Catch a live show, and you?re a fan for life! Jake?s melody driven, hook-laden tunes will keep you singing for days. Stigers began playing in New York City with his band ?The Velvet Roots? at the renowned Mondo Cane, a Greenwich Village club that produced the likes of Blues Traveler, Joan Osborne and the Spin Doctors. Shortly after his arrival on the New York scene, Stigers powerful vocals and non-stop live performances quickly created a loyal fan base at venues such as: CB?s Gallery, Arlene?s Grocery, Brownie?s, Mondo Cane, Mondo Perso, Fez, Mercury Lounge, The Bottom Line, Postcrypt Coffeehouse, The Living Room, Don Hill?s, The Bitter End, and Bowery Ballroom, just to name a few. Jake has since widened his performing arena to venues throughout the Northeast. With over 100 shows this year alone, the response has been nothing short of fantastic.

Stigers grew up in Boise, Idaho listening to every type of music he could get his hands on. At age 13, Stigers taught himself how to play the drums after he was given his brother?s drum set and album collection that included a mixture of Steve Miller, Steely Dan, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Rolling Stones and The Who. Stigers played the local scene in Boise and traveled to Seattle and Jackson Hole, Wyoming before moving to NYC. He performed in several theatre/musical projects and performed with jazz choirs throughout his school career during which he won several singing awards. Ultimately, it was the strong pull of rock n? roll that has brought Stigers to where he is today.

Now with his latest release, ?Comin? Back Again?, Stigers does not disappoint. ?Jake is not your average singer/songwriter that plays Midwest rock or acoustic pop/rock, no he?s a cool power pop rocker that could be the result if Mick Jagger, Steve Miller and The Black Crowes got together and made an album. His songs are very catchy but also smoking small club rocking so they never get too polished like many radio friendly singer/songwriters can be. Jake likes to knock on the door of the Rolling Stones on songs like ?Another Negotiation?, ?We Don?t Need Anybody? and ?That Ain?t Livin??. Jake?s marvelous falsetto vocals brings an element to the album of Lenny Kravitz jamming with Ben Folds.?

DJ?s in the New York Metro area agree. The first track off Jake?s CD, ?Do You Feel High?, was featured on WQ104.3 FM, New York City?s #1 Rock Station as part of Jonathan Clarke?s new music show, ?Out Of The Box?. This program features the best in new music and local undiscovered artists. All of the DJ?s at WNTI, 91.9 FM in NJ and WDIY 88.1 FM in PA have Jake in regular rotation. Additionally, ASCAP recognized Jake?s outstanding year with the ?ASCAP Plus Award?, which is given out annually to select independent artists chosen by the popular awards panel at ASCAP.

The press has echoed what fans and radio are saying?.?With a well-refined hard rock and roll sound, Jake Stigers has a lot to offer. ?Do You Feel High? has mass appeal potential, with smooth riffs and Stigers voice; a well-oiled piece of rock-n-roll machinery. His lyrics are filled with wit and edge, and his sound is certainly eclectic. The title track, ?Comin? Back Again?, is backed up by a swirling mass of electrical guitars, toned down from the rest of the songs on the album. In it, Stigers sings about the familiarity of coming back to the simpler things in life. Don?t expect bellowing tunes about romance in this album, because although the theme of love is mentioned, Stigers is more interested in exploring his life and his observations - definitely revitalizing?.

It has been written about Stigers in Time Out NY Magazine, ?Stigers plays pop-rock without apologies, seam-less songs with undeniably catchy choruses. I don?t waste any time says Stigers, lets hit ?em with the hook Stigers adds with a laugh, like an aluminum bat?.

New York Daily News gossip columnist Joanna Molloy of ?Rusch & Molloy? writes, ?Find out why Chris Robinson is such a fan of Jake Stigers & The Velvet Roots?. Molloy likens Stigers, ?as Mick Jagger meets Bill Withers?. However you want to describe him, Jake Stigers is one act you don?t want to miss!

Shut Eye Records had this to say, ?Simply put, this album rocked our socks off. Rarely do we get the pleasure of reviewing a CD that we enjoy flawlessly from start to finish. Jake Stigers exemplifies the fun, buoyant spirit of pop/rock that we?ve all missed so dearly. This is authentic rock n? roll ? raucous guitars, snotty vocals and a hint of that good ol? vintage vitality. Jake Stigers proves that rock n? roll is truly Comin? Back Again?.

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