Guyz Nite

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: ?We put the ?amp? back in anthem.? Let?s face it: Rock ?n? Roll is in a pretty sad state at the moment. The scene is dominated by overly emotional indie tripe that is so weighed down by its mixed metaphors that it can barely breathe. Guyz Nite is here to save the day. Hailed by many as ?the ultimate post-punk take on the cock-rock myth,? these fellas bring Rock back to the halcyon days with catchy-as-all-Hell tunes, soaring guitars, macho swagger, and lyrics that don?t take themselves too seriously. In fact, these dudes aren?t really serious at all, which is surprising considering how talented they are.

In the spring of 2005, Lead Front man Guy Manley , Lead Rhythm Guitarist Bear , and Lead Bassist Gunz ?Mick? Bones , fueled by their dissatisfaction with the Rock scene surrounding them, decided to form a band that not only hailed back to the salad days of David Lee Roth and Steve Perry, but truly meant something to them personally. ?To Hell with metaphor,? said Manley at the band?s first sit-down. ?I wanna write about what I know. Like beer, for example. And boobs, maybe. Having to piss. Stuff that me and my bros talk about all the time, but don?t seem to get much credence in Rock anymore. Maybe we could even write a song about that guy, over there.? It turned out that ?That Guy? happened to be the future Lead Drummer of Guyz Nite, Tony Alpine , who was born with drumsticks and a kick pedal in his mouth. Finally, with the addition of Lead Lead Guitarist Dwayne Reede ?s searing licks and solos, the Guyz were ready to make an album and take their rock to the world.

As the name implies, Guyz Nite is about all things dude. They?ve been described as ?mantastic,? ?brotacular,? and ?totally frikkin? awesome.? But it?s important to remember that songs like Beer & Boobs and Your Mom are not ironic: Guyz Nite doesn?t feel the need to hide behind irony like many other ?indie? bands out there today. There?s a truth and honesty to each of their songs that makes them so hilarious. These dudes love the frat-boy-cum-arena-rocker personas they inhabit, and they aren?t afraid to embrace their sometimes-boorish attitudes. In Gil Got Gay , for example, Manley explores the complexities of a relationship with a friend he's just found to be gay after a drunken escapade at a local bar. He's accepting, but also weary: "Gil got gay, buy hey, it's okay." Then later, speaking to Gil directly: "I know you still respect me as a friend, and don't picture what I'm looking like naked." Truly inspired. And funny.

So, grab a slice, sit back, drink a brew, pop on some porn, and take a listen to Guyz Nite. Take it to the next kegger you go to. Quote it endlessly. Put it on your iPod and bump it while you do extreme sports. Email forwards of their MySpace page to your friends until they get pissed off at you and make you take them off your ?Bored at Work? address book. Bring it to your villa in the Hamptons and go skinny-dipping with it at dusk. Just love it. And, always remember the three Bs of Guyz Nite: Beers. Bros. Babes. And Rock.

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