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Genre: Hip Hop

Official Site: http://www.eminemmylou.com/

Band Bio: Eminemmylou has been recording her own unique mix of Hip-Hop and Country Music, or Hip-Hopry as she calls it, for three years. Not many artists have had the confidence to mix the two very different music genres, but Eminemmylou has, and has done it with flair. Inspired by the greats of both music styles Eminemmylou has done what no one thought could be done, she has brought country-rap into the limelight in the UK. Eminemmylou?s success has meant that she has been involved in many musical collaborations with some of the U.K?s finest talents, from hip-hop artists like Legs MC and Mic Concise to the unique Life & Death Orchestra. Jesse Jackson and Tony Benn featured on Eminemmylou?s download single,?The People?s Prayer?. Eminemmylou, performing with Legs MC, will be the only U.K act performing at the Country Hip-Hop Festival 2006 in Brooklyn. This is the first time there has been a festival dedicated to those who mix Hip-Hop and Country Music.

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