Emile Westergaard

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Genre: Pop

Official Site: http://www.emilewestergaard.com/html/slideshow.php

Band Bio: Necessary Rain, the set of original songs I recently recorded, traverses 20 years of one man's attempt to build a life for himself. I started writing songs at boarding school on the East coast in the early eighties. In a dorm room senior year a girlfriend introduced me to a translation of Appolinaire's early 20th century poem Mirabelle Bridge which I set to a melody based on Pachabel's canon. I moved on to University of Chicago to pursue a music degree, all the while much more interested in playing in a local undergound scene on the south side. I was constantly trying out material in basement concerts including Out of You and Stranger. After school ended, I continued to write songs such as I'll Be Alright while supporting myself as a elementary school teacher in Chicago and then Minnessota. I eventually went back to school to study child development in Perugia, Italy, the ancient city where I wrote Marianna. When I returned from Italy in the early nineties, I put my guitar down, got married, started a family and devoted my entire life to building a career on Wall Street. Ten years later my sister Cathrine challenged me to get on stage at her Brooklyn bar, The Stinger Club. Soon I was playing a regular gig and writing again - Cela was the first new song. At that time I met producer/arranger/drummer Tzafrir Lichtenstein and we put together a band. One year later, Necessary Rain documents our work and my place on a long path to self-expression.

By: www.emilewestergaard

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