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Genre: Rock

Official Site: http://www.durtneck.com/

Band Bio: Durtneck is a rock trio located out of Staten Island, NY. Influenced by heavy rock, 50s and 60s rock n' roll, old-punk, grunge, some new garage-rock, and other things that each member has brought to the table, the music that Alex Kong, Chris Li, and Al Li create is full of power and energy coupled with a sarcastic wit and clever lyrics. The band is comprised of guitar [Alex], bass [Al] and drums [Chris], with Alex and Chris singing the primary vocals.

Durtneck found its beginnings at the University of Vermont with Alex Kong, Chris Li and then band member Roy Gunnar Benson Retlin (RGBR), who started the group that eventually led to Durtneck ROCK. Their musical interests began with recording sound skits and beats on their computers. These were only 10-second audio clips and the sounds were mostly created from voices and some various props (combs, beer bottles, wooden spoons, plastic horns and kazoos). They started out as comedy skits directed towards strange people the band members met along the way in Burlington, VT. This then turned into short comedic jingles that had them all performing live at the same time. Beat boxing and rapping followed soon after, as did writing the song's lyrics. Between doing all the skits, different voices and the beat boxing they started fooling people with their voices over the phone and improvising with skits live during prank calls. All of this improvisation became a hobby and kept all of their interest for a while. Soon, the band member's interests collaborated and grew into song writing and rock.

One early evening the band was sitting around telling each other the types of instruments they each had back home. Alex may have said, "lets go get em", so they jumped in his car and drove from Burlington to Milburn NJ (RGBR's home) ate some food, grabbed instruments and left. Then from Milburn NJ, they went to Staten Island, NY (Chris' home) ate, grabbed Instruments and left. From Staten Island they then went to Glen Cove, Long Island (Alex's home) ate food, grabbed instruments and bounced back to VT. The whole ordeal took a little over a day. The band started to write rock songs with acoustic guitars, bass and even a banjo, and beats were made by stomping feet and by hitting a speaker and a table with a wooden spoon. At a keg party Alex and Chris were offered to buy a drum kit, a white Pearl forum kit in decent shape by this kid Frank, otherwise known as "El Frug". After about 3 months with the kit they had their first 10 songs and went to a dirty studio that smelled like cat piss and BO to lay it down. The band didn't care, as they were just excited to have a tape of original music to listen to in the car. They left Vermont and went back home to New York where they would jam with Chris' brother, Alex Li. who has been the bassist for years now since RGBR moved to Seattle. Currently, all 3 members reside just outside Manhattan. With a strong local following of friends and fans, the boys are bringing their unique form of rock to NYC.

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