Congress of Odditties

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Genre: Rock

Members: Jessica Rendon (vocals), Billy Amari (Bass), Tony Georges III (guitar), John Petito (

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Band Bio: The History

Back in the '50s, 169 was home to so many fights that it was nicknamed the "Bloody Bucket." By the '90s, this tough joint became known for religious altars, the Chinese mafia and a Doberman chained to the bar. Now, with young cats moving to the L.E.S and Chinatown, and the arrival of owner Rob DeBlasio, the transformation from unwittingly to wittingly hip is nearly complete.

The Scene

On DJ nights, the bar sometimes keeps a velvet rope out front, but the scene inside is all-embracing. 169's small, unadorned interior with red vinyl bar stools, a pool table and pizza-parlor booths reserves an open floor beside the bar for dancing. Old neighborhood regulars as well as youngsters settle in for drinks on most weeknights.

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