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Band Bio: 1999: Travis and Rob become friendly on the job, working at one of the many forgotten internet startups. They bond over a mutual love of Thin Lizzy and other musics. After playing a few times, with Travis singing and playing guitar and Rob playing drums, they decide to find a bassist to complete the circle, so to speak. However, their search for a bass player was short and unsucessful. Rob's old friend Karen just happened to be a fine drummer - in fact, they had played together in the band "Mr. Coffeenerves" in Montreal. Karen expressed interest, Rob cited her ability and relaxed attitude - the deal was done. Rob moved to bass and the band began in earnest, naming themselves after the hormonally-active adolescent in Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro.

Cherubino has been playing out at various venues in New York City and, since mid-2000, recording material for their first release. All tracks were recorded on the Cherubino mobile unit and at Travis' home studio. Expect material out in the next few months.

Travis played in the groups Pong and Moog while living in Los Angeles. Karen played with Goliath and HoneyGlazed in Boston and Mr. Coffeenerves in Montreal. Rob played in Sackville, Mr. Coffeenerves and Furious George in Montreal, with Joey Sweeney and Matt Pond PA in Philadelphia and currently plays in Haywood and Chop Shop in New York City.

Karen enjoys making nachos at home.
Travis likes a good honest foot race.
Rob goes for the gusto.

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