Cake Bake Betty

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Genre: Blues

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Band Bio: Cake Bake Betty is a pianist/guitarist/vocalist of sorts hailing from New Jersey. Her style is complex, her lyrics whimsical; while listening you may find yourself being carried off into a world of bones, babies, monsters and mountains. Her style, mostly influenced by old mariner and blues songs, is notable for her strange and saucy lyrics and her powerful voice.

Lindsay of Cake Bake Betty believes in the balance between sound and poetry; According to her, there is not more of an emphasis on one or the other. Sometimes cute, sometimes crude, sometimes heart-breaking, her lyrics are one of the most interesting aspects of her music; her words in combination with her quick fingers and warm, innocent vocals create a sound that is inviting, quaint?never boring. Her child-like energy may draw you in, but it is her unique song writing ability and sincerity that will hold your attention over and over again.

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