Andrea Boccelli

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Madison Square Garden New York, NY


Genre: Vocals

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Band Bio: I was born September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, in the Tuscan countryside near Volterra. The region's traditions, as well as my parents' influence have taught me never to accept life's difficulties in a passive way, but rather to draw strength from them. As far as I can remember, no moments in my life have gone by without being filled with passion for music. Italy's greatest tenors, such as Del Monaco, Gigli, and especially Corelli, have always inspired great admiration and enthusiasm in me since I was just a boy. In love with opera, the dream and ambition of my whole life is to become a great tenor.

Despite the fact that I live in a fast-paced world, I live my life with a calm vision: I enjoy life's simple pleasures and face every challenge with passion. I try to always be optimistic by interpreting the real meaning of a quotation from the French novelist Antoine de Saint-Exup?ry: "You see clearly only through your heart. The essential is invisible to your eyes."


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