Water Under Water

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Genre: Rock

Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/waterunderwater

Band Bio: Sometimes we wonder what it would be like to drop an anvil on one's foot. Would the pain be too immence to describe? Would our breath stop? Would this be happening if someone hadn't created an anvil and got someone else to build it for them while they reaped all the benefits?

The answers. Yes, it would hurt a lot. Yes, our breath would stop. And no, this wouldn't be happening, but it is to remind us of the rich and powerful, and to never forget the little guy who put them there. Without the workers there would be no anvils, without the dirt there would be no trees, and without water under water, there would be no waves, a true example of the moons gravitational pull.

So don't forget the workers, don't forget the dirt, and don't forget water under water.

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