Waking Matthew

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Genre: Rock

Official Site: http://www.wakingmatthew.com/

Band Bio: "Anthemic post-U2 guitar rock with Coldplay-worthy pop hooks." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Jan 2006

"The band's self-titled five-song EP kicks off with a rocker fueled by an Edge-y guitar lead. But later tracks are more dramatic with the sense of atmosphere and grandeur you'd find on U2's latest records." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Jan 2006

Today, the term "indie" is a popular buzz word. But what does it really mean? A lot of bands like to apply it to themselves because of it's trendiness, but may have forgotten where it came from and its ideals. Waking Matthew's interpretation of the term has always been simple: creating melodic, introspective rock songs without the influence of outside interference.

Their work is solely independent and immediate, without pandering to a certain demographic or trend. It's all about the music here--no smoke and mirrors or attempts to fool the audience. What you end up with is honest emotional rock songs that convey a message to listeners and keep them coming back for more. Even with their independent mentality, their work has still stirred response in the region and nationwide to get them radio play during prime time hours outside of local programming.

The new self-titled EP was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered entirely by the band, solidifying their niche in the indie rock spectrum. You can pick up your copy from www.wakingmatthew.com or shoot on over to cdbaby.com and get one for only $5. Make sure to also visit the guys at www.purevolume.com/wakingmatthew

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