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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Hard rocking and heartfelt, TRiM is tailoring its own brand of rock n? roll. TRiM?s sound is stylistically diverse, stretching beyond the boundaries of genre with each song and making music that is often aggressive, at times soulful, but always rocking at its core.

TRiM was stitched together in the summer of 2003 when vocalist David Hall and guitarist David West, both originally from the San Francisco bay area, met in New York City with the simple desire to form a band and make good music. They later teamed up with drummer Matt Romano and bassist Henry Veloso. Collectively, this lively bunch of characters began collaborating, drawing upon their different backgrounds and influences to create TRiM?s unique sound.

TRiM has been performing steadily in well known, and not so well known, venues scattered around New York, making fans and friends each time it brings its refreshing energetic show and sound to the stage.

No doubt, TRiM will continue to evolve, to push boundaries and to draw even more discerning fans who will want to know what this band can come up with next.

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