Tracy and the Plastics

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Genre: Techno-punk

Band Bio: "Tracy and the Plastics is a low-fi techno-punk band from Brooklyn (via Olympia, Washington) following in the footsteps of Le Tigre and The Need. It's also a fractured multimedia video art experiment in the politics of identity and sexuality. The bandmembers, Tracy, Nikki, and Cola, are all the brainchildren and alter-egos of lesbian feminist provocateur Wynne Greenwood. When they perform live, Wynne is Tracy, singing and beat-slinging with her Boss DR-5 drum machine, Akai 612 disc sampler, and whatever bargain-basement keyboards she can get her hands on. Nikki and Cola back her up, but they're only on stage in two dimensions"as pre-recorded video projections. Rising from the chill mists of the Pacific Northwest like a slap in the face to get your ass shaking, Tracy's art-punk manifesto is something refreshingly different from today's suddenly ubiquitous purveyors of apolitical electro. Take notice." - DisCORDER. Tracy in the Plastics was featured in the 2004 Whitney Biennial at the Whitney Museum of American Art, and has a full length on Troubleman Unlimited Records.

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