Theresa Miele

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Genre: Pop

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Band Bio: Born with a distinct proclivity towards dark imagery, Theresa first demonstrated her unusual artistic leanings by feverishly finger-painting masterpiece after masterpiece, each aptly and identically titled, "STORM."

As an adolescent, she continued to entertain by writing novellas and short plays which lent themselves to lunchtime dramatizations at school. Though these performances received outstanding critical acclaim from fellow 3rd graders, the response from teachers was somewhat less enthusiastic (due to violent content and Theresa's insistance on realism) so the shows were indefinitely suspended.

Coming from a family who embraced the idea of forcing young children into regimented routines of funtime hobbies and sports, Theresa studied classical piano for many years. But she was panic-stricken when called upon to play in public. She was also panic-stricken when asked to sing in public. She was panic-stricken when she auditioned or went on a job interview, panic-stricken when she had to ask a boy to the Sadie Hawkins dance, and panic-stricken when she had to go to a party and "mingle." Also panic-stricken when asked to urinate into a dixie cup. (but isn't everybody?)

And so, you might ask yourself, how then did Theresa Miele achieve the success she has today? Uh? yeah.

Theresa Miele is some kind of a nut. She forges ahead. She does what she does. She doesn't care what you think. She doesn't care if it's stupid to write this biography in the third person as if she's so big she can hire someone to do it for her. And she doesn't care that you know it's me.

As I was saying, Theresa Miele is a unique voice in the world of music and is as introspective as she is outrospective. She is both a spectator AND a participant. She weaves her weird view of the world into song so that anyone who cares to listen may do so.

We hopa you likey!


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