The Walkmen

The Walkmen

Record Label: Fat Possum Records, Bella Union

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Genre: Indie, Rock, Alternative

Members: Hamilton Leithauser (vocals/guitar), Paul Maroon (guitar, piano), Walter Martin (organ/bass), Peter Bauer (bass/organ), Matt Barrick (drums)

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Band Bio: Having formed over ten years ago, The Walkmen have remained a staple on the underground New York City music scene. The five member band has released multiple albums and have toured with notable acts like Arcade Fire and Fleet Foxes, and have headlined at May's Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Festival. Needless to say The Walkmen have earned their stripes. The band's record, "Heaven", released in 2012, is self-described as the groups most mature album to date and features the breakout single, "We Can't Be Beat". According to the band, parenthood has allowed them to be more "open" and an "emotional honesty to the songs.". The Walkmen got their start over a decade ago with their debut album, "Everybody Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone" and have since released a total of six full-length albums and a handful of EP's that are praised for their live instrumentation and use of vintage instruments like the upright piano, not to mention lead singer, Hamilton Leithauser's powerful vocals.

By: David Nazario

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