The New Michael Pedicin Quintet

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Genre: Jazz

Members: Michael Pedicin, tenor saxophone
Johnnie Valentino, guitar
Mick Rossi, pian

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Band Bio: Jazz artists who maintain the highest standards of the classic tradition should remind the listener of the best of the past, while presenting their own musical visions in an original and compelling fashion. For those who agree with this, Everything Starts Now by the outstanding tenor saxophonist Michael Pedicin's Quintet will truly be a revelation. As a tenor saxophonist, this 60-year-old master has a sound that is entirely his own, evolved through the grand tradition, and as organic and visceral as the horn can produce.

Dividing his time for the past 20 years between leading his own group on the rich Philadelphia music scene, touring with major names like Dave Brubeck, Stanley Clarke and Pat Martino, recording and performing with popular icons like Frank Sinatra and Stevie Wonder, and practicing psychology with a Ph.D. in cognitive and creative arts psychology, Pedicin has now established a quintet that is powerfully focused upon creating exciting, uncompromising and utterly musical jazz in the purest tradition.

Blending selflessness and individuality, virtuosity and straightforward musicality, total accessibility and adventurous exploration, splendid interplay and palpably exciting solo excursions, the Michael Pedicin Quintet has created a brilliant work of art in the purest context of the classic jazz tradition. These artists wear their passion, maturity and musicality proudly, without falling back on virtuosity for its own sake, and never for even a moment allowing the music and its message to take a back seat to it.

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