The Law of Fives

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: 21st Century Rock & Roll

The Law of Fives plays melodic modern rock with a psychedelic edge. With an emphasis on engaging lyrics and melodies, skillful performances and an often- irreverent sense of humor, the NYC-based quartet guides you to a crossroads of imagination and sound. The Law of Fives began in the spring of 2001.

Long-time friends Tyson and Christopher joined forces to form a band that would combine the best elements of the past half-century of rock with their own peculiar musical sensibilities. The pair quickly assembled an impressive catalog of original material, and after experimenting with a several line-ups, secured Josh Kross on bass and Jeremy Friedman on drums. Since late 2001, The Law of Fives has performed extensively throughout the New York City area, playing at well-known venues such as CBGB, Tobacco Road, Arlene Grocery, the Continental, Don Hill's, Luna Lounge, Elbow Room, Lion's Den and Parkside Lounge.

From their secret lair in Hell's Kitchen, they have recently begun expanding their reach in the Northeast, playing shows in Vermont, Connecticut and New Jersey. In June of 2002, they self-produced and recorded an ambitious ten-song demo CD, entitled "Obelisk," which acts a worthy introduction to the band's unique and often iconoclastic sound. The band and its fans are very excited about the release of their second CD, entitled "Bless the Beasts." The album boasts 15 tracks and will be available by early October.

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