The Brooklyn What

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Genre: Rock, Punk, Power Pop

Jamie Frey- vocals
John Severin- guitar, vocals, drums
Evan O'Donnell- guitar, vocals
Billy Cohen- guitar, vocals
Doug Carey- bass, vocals
Jesse Katz- drums, vocals

Official Site:

Band Bio: Hailing from Brooklyn, The Brooklyn What is an all-male band that has made quite a name for itself in and around New York City playing at notable venues like, Knitting Factory, Maxwell's and Bowery Ballroom. The guys will be performing at Live @ Shea Stadium BK at 20 Meadow St, in Brooklyn alongside Country Mice, Overlake, The Fire Tapes, and Donner Party Picnic on June 6th.

Signed to Pozar Records, The Brooklyn What released “Hot Wine” digitally and on vinyl in January of this year. To listen to “Hot Wine”, visit: http://thebrooklynwhat.bandcamp/album/hot-wine.

Live @ Shea Stadium BK was formed in 2009, by Brooklyn natives looking to create a space for local bands and artists to record at during the day, and music lovers to see live performances at night. To date, Live @ Shea Stadium BK has hosted hundreds of bands from all over the world. Visit: to learn more about this great venue working hard to provide a place for independent musicians to gain the recognition that they deserve.

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By: David Nazario; June 5, 2013

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