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Genre: Pop

Official Site: http://www.1tangerine.com/

Band Bio: Every now and again, the world of music throws up something out of the ordinary, something that in its time, quality, and spirit just feels right. Tangerine's 2004 album "Songs For The Now and Others Forever" is undoubtedly one such record - it captures a timeless mood with songs of both emotional and musical depth. Deep alluring vocals backed by swirling guitars will continue the bands reputation of "Leaving you wanting more every time" according to Pittmusic.com

It's been a whirlwind kind of ride for Tangerine since bursting onto the music scene in late 2002. Their first, self-released, 6-song debut EP was critically acclaimed and their audiences immediately became fervent and loyal. "With great melodic hooks and engaging, mature lyrics, Tangerine has that intangible something that makes it stand out. This is an outstanding release by one of Pittsburgh's best new bands. Catch them while you can." - Pittsburgh Magazine And "catch them while you can" is exactly what Tangerine did next. In just over a year the band completed multiple tours - both the East and West coasts, Canada and the Midwest. "There's no question that Tangerine has an allure about them," says Music Connection Magazine who also ranked their debut EP as "One of the top 25 U.S. demo releases of 2002"

Rave reviews in national publications like Music Connection and Empire Magazine, riveting live performances, plus airplay on dozens of diverse radio stations contributed to the sell out of their debut Demo EP in 10 only months.

Despite their rigorous schedule, the band self-released a 3-song single previewing some of the material from "Songs For The Now and Others Forever" in fall of 2003. Their captivating look and camera friendly image made Tangerine the target of numerous photo/video documentaries by industry pro's in Toronto, LA, and NY. (Not to mention web savvy fans across the country.) The Free Times cooed, "Tangerine is simply mesmerizing.

With their breathtaking music and riveting live performances, this band is undoubtedly at the top of their game, and they've only just begun."

By early 2004 all 3 songs featured on their single earned airplay throughout the US and Canada on commercial, college and public radio... so its no surprise it too sold out before the full length hit the shelves.

As the fast-paced journey continues there is little question that the unique sound and commercial acceptance of "Songs For The Now And Others Forever" will mark the firm establishment of Tangerine as a player in the music community. Tangerine hopes that "Now & Forever" will be to the world what a young, Midwest music reviewer called it: "A perfect make out soundtrack.. [Listening to Tangerine] promises a good night ahead". "Songs for the Now and Others Forever" is released in conjunction with Vochella Records and will be available online and in select record stores around the globe upon its September 28, 2004 release date.

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