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Band Bio: Sleeprunner is a Boston based original band, born in the late summer of 2005 by four friends, half of which related by blood, 3/4ths of which have played in four different bands with one of the others, from three areas in Massachusetts. Each member shares the same passion and respect for the music that we listen to and create. We've been influenced by every musician, band, artist, etc., be it good or bad, hard and heavy or soft and delicate, serious and urgent or comical and inexplicable. We attempt to translate our lives, experiences, thoughts, and emotions through a bunch of instruments, electronics, and microphones.

Where this would seem the time and place to woo you, the reader, with enticing metaphors and worn out adjectives about our music and us individually, we'd prefer to leave the thesaurus hunting duties to the press. Simply put, we may not be a band to judge in the first 5 seconds of a tune. Think of your favorite drama/suspense movie or television series. Most likely, you didn't judge it in the first few minutes, you had to see it all the way through to the end, and then watch it a few more times, or the next few episodes before it really grew on you. Think of Sleeprunner like that. Instead of listening to us while you vacuum the rug, put us in your car stereo for a long drive.

By: Sleeprunner

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