Scarecrow Collection

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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Scarecrow Collection is an original group of musicians creating an original sound. They have been described as "Soulful", "Funkafied", "Zany", and "Fotch". Combining such varying influences as Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers, Bela Fleck, Talking Heads, and dozens of others, SCC strives to create a unique sound that is both introspective and danceable at the same time. SCC's penchant for spur of the moment antics and musical improvisation on stage make them a truly individual live band that must be seen to be really appreciated!

The group began several years back in the NJ basement of the Fee house, jamming out some original tunes written by Gerard and Joe, and playing the occassional gig at local coffee houses and open mic nights. After several line-up changes (including harmonica, keyboards, and several different bassplayers- not to mention many weird, tripped-out performances, bizarre costumes, and pseudo-beatnik poetry ramblings by Joe Fee), the band has settled in on its current line-up: bass, drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and mandolin. The band plays at locations in NYC such as The Bitter End, The Downtime, The Wetlands, Lion's Den, and Kenny's Castaways. In NJ, the band frequents its favorite haunt and second home, The Fabulous Underpass in Elmwood Park!

SCC has been priviledged enough to share the stage in 1998 with JGB and Jiggle the Handle,and more recently with One Eyed Jack, Bloo, Sauce, Balls on Chicken, Secret Sound Blues Duo, Opaque Tones, and many other talented bands and musicians. They have been fortunate enough to play clubs such as the late Tramps, The Bitter End, and of course Wetlands, and they have performed live in Woodstock NY on WDST radio. SCC is currently playing in the NYC/NJ area spreading the word about their music, and spreading the vibes as well! There are always new friends to be made, and new musicians to jam with, and the band is always moving forward to create more music and get more people dancing to the sound of the Collection!

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