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Band Bio: Discovered in 1997 by Paul Major of Parallel World Records while playing one of a myriad of multimedia solo acoustic shows, Jeff Saphin was subsequently signed by Major. Saphin has been a staple and popular oddity in the entertainment world and on the Internet ever since. His critically acclaimed 1998 debut, ?this?, and it's Richard Barone (The Bongos) co-produced single "Bang!" were picked up for development by Warner Bros. Records. To quote Saphin, ?That was a great feeling, there?s something about getting signed that has a certain Sally Fields, They like me, they really like me! factor to it? From day one Saphin has attempted and (usually) succeeded at stage innovation on the most basic of levels. ?The climate in clubs at the time wasn?t particularly theatrics friendly?, Says Saphin, ?I remember one of my first solo gigs was at The Sidewalk Caf?, in Manhattan, I arrived with TV screens and backdrops in tow. Although the audience seemed to Love it, the house unfortunately wasn?t nearly as enthusiastic. Suffice it to say I was asked not to come back?.

That didn?t stop Saphin, what followed was another slew solo and full band shows at all of the usual stops along the way from venue to venue, each time tweaking the show more and more, while building a wide based and ever growing global audience. Critical acceptance came as well from the likes of widely respected periodicals such as The Village Voice, who called Jeff, ? New York?s new Jet boy....? and of his Songs, ?Whispy, Floating in a tin can music that really, really rocks!? The Saphin ?Occurrence?, as his shows have come to be known, filled rooms with fans, as well as curious onlookers, still, some of the less flexible venues freaked out at the ?non-traditional? nature of a Saphin ?Occurrence?. ?I grew up on theatrical performance, theatre in Rock, on being lifted out from the heaviness of your life by the Semi-Gurus that Performers are meant to be, not by being sucked into the personal muck of someone having a pretentious temper tantrum. Not to wax too scientific about it but, Art and entertainment are emotional wormholes through which time compresses and problems are lessened. So performers are pilots flying you to the thru that on a vividly scenic and memorable ride, but either way to return you intact, not wounded or worse yet, more wounded. I like my performers to be pretentious, that?s O.K., but in the character-esque and caricature-esque sense, the whole ?being real? thing is such bullshit, it?s just another pose, because if you?re a performer, you automatically utilize pretension in some way whether you choose to or not, it?s an essential and natural tool of the trade. To say you?re not being pretentious as a performer, is pretentious. So I am nothing less than that when I step up to the mic.?

From 1999 through 2005 Saphin has been religiously writing, recording and performing new material, in fact 2003 saw the unofficial release of the ongoing concept album Saphin is Tim Essquare Starring in "Time of the Signs", again to critical acclaim and fan favoritism. ?I didn?t want to sign with just any label that offered me a deal, labels don?t seem to give the same attention to those they sign as they used to. That, or they alter the artists they?ve signed to match some transient demographic, and end up alienating their original audience, what good is that? You?re supposed to do that after like maybe the 5th album, not on the first or second, (laughs).? Right now Jeff is amidst simultaneously recording 3 very different albums. One with his alter id (as he calls it) An?iZe, produced by and co-written with Germany?s, Boris Berlin. Another Self produced and performed concept cousin to ??Time of the Signs? that Saphin describes as, ??the other story, it?s related to Timmy, but has very little, if anything, to do with him, this takes place on Mars, sometime in a near future too, but in a very different way, this one is an Electro_Sci_Fi _Soap_Opera??, and the third album he characterizes as ?Would be theme Songs in a kitschy camp motif?. To add to this ?mix? you can look for the Saphin re-mix of ?Boy in Black? from the highly anticipated release ?The Sex Album? by Artists/Producers Jessica Vale, Saphin?s illustrious former bandmate Ivan Evangelista and Jean Luc Cohen.

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