Sam Shaber

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Genre: Folk

Band Bio: "Sam Shaber is the soul of New York folk!" (Grassy Hill Concerts). Raw and edgy, this 2001 John Lennon Songwriting Award finalist pours all of herself into every note and with fearless intimacy, brings the audience right along with her.

Shaber's latest, an EP aptly titled Sam*pler, is receiving wide critical acclaim and has led to her being voted one of the Top 5 Female Artists at Her '99 release, perfecT (with a capital T and tongue planted firmly in cheek) was voted #7 out of 1800 titles at CD It captures the range and essence of this dynamic performer, from its title track lamenting and laughing over her imperfections, to "All of This," her hometown anthem simmering with an infectious energy. Touring from San Francisco to Scotland with three critically acclaimed self-released albums to her credit, Sam has opened for Richie Havens, Shawn Mullins, Patty Larkin, and others. She somehow also finds time to write for major music magazines, as well as a recent chapter on writing lyrics published in the book "Songwriting and the Guitar".

Radio station WXPN in Philadelphia describes this urban-fueled performer as simply "Stark, raving great!" "A riveting performer. Sam Shaber's got the whole package." - Folkweb "Sam Shaber leads the next generation of singer/songwriters into our collective consciousness." - WNEW 102.7fm, New York "Shaber is one of those precious few performers who believes in letting her songs tell her story and making every appearance along the way a special moment for her audience." -Patrick Walsh, Peekskill Herald, NY "Sam Shaber possesses the keen insight of a sage and the ability to set wisdom in motion." - Michael Henningsen, Albuquerque Weekly Alibi, New Mexico "This is a real person you're listening to." - Shout Magazine

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