Mr. Playback

Mr. Playback

Location: Austria

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Genre: Dance, Experimental, Pop

Members: Keyboard, Sequencer: Richard B. Singers: Richard B. and external singers.

Official Site:

Band Bio: Mr. Playback is a dancefloor-music-project from austria. After a break it was founded in 2017 by Richard B. He already had a band with other members from 1996 - 2006. The name of the group was Partyking. The first song of Mr. Playback ("You wanna dance") was written in 2001 by Partyking, but was only recorded as a demo. Now, it was completely re-recorded and mixed as a final production with a modern touch for Mr. Playback. So Mr. Playback is still Partyking with a new name.

By: Mister Playback

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