Midnite Matinee

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Genre: Rock

Members: Justin Maynard - guitars
Paul Daniel - keyboards
Jeffrey Swart - basses
Band Bio: Still fighting the inevitable danger of becoming an instrumental band, this yet without a vocalist quartet from Brooklyn still packs a whopping punch square in the monocle of suspicious onlookers... Midnite Matinee's music is something fresh, a defibrillator straight to the heart of New York City! Influenced by an overwhelming amount of diverse music, their mix of groove, rock, hip-hop, reggae and jazz comes naturally. Backbeat changes and off tempo cuts, dissonantly blissful keys, heart thumping bass and chunky, searing guitars. It's evident that there is no single driving force in this foursome; the equality of input allows Midnite Matinee's songs to be poured and slowly molded into an infectious expansion of consciousness. Justin Maynard (guitar) brings years of island influences such as Marley and Isaacs mixed with the likes of Hendrix, to light the fuse on his skillful explosion of crafted licks, riffs, melodies and solos. The loose precision of Paul Daniel's (keys) choppy minor keyed one-two combo of melody and rhythm inspired by Medeski, Martin, & Wood, DJ Shadow and Pink Floyd: together they create a wall of intuitive harmonic bliss. Jeffrey Swart's (bass) longstanding love affair with rock music comes full circle, having soaked up the diversity of NYC into his mix of Zeppelin, Police and Pixies inspired bass lines that pulsate below the skin and shake the ground below your feet. Lastly, the thunder and lightning of Frank Bardachino (drums & percussion), is hard to ignore. A core of energy that will burn you if you get to close, his rhythmic mastery is inspired by The Clash, Mahivishnu Orchestra, and Art Blakley. His ability to think on a multi-instrumental plane enables his beautifully chaotic visions to be heard.

Brought together by Boston College, the Pratt Institute Masters Program, Craigs List and fate. Listen and you'll see: all sides, all scenarios, tapped and translated.

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