Mark Rinzel

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Genre: Pop

Band Bio: Mark's vocal ability was recognized in elementary school where he was selected to join an exclusive regional chorus and spent summers at an intensive training program in performing arts. By the age of 14, he had also mastered the stand up bass, electric bass and acoustic guitar.

When Mark began Ohio University, his musical influences ranged from the musicianship of Charlie Parker to the harmonies of the Beatles and the Police, in addition to early 90's rock pioneers like Nirvana, jane's Addiction and the hip-hop rhyming of public enemy. In college, mark played in the band, Brinker's Edge, a campus favorite with a strong OU following. He started out doing solo shows to packed audiences throughout the bar and coffeehouse circuit of Athens Then as well.

After graduating, Mark spent a year busking and playing open mikes in Prague and Berlin to hone his solo act before coming to New York. He continued as a singer-songwriter in Manhattan's music scene while also replacing the bassist in Poolsville, one of Arlene grocery's early house bands. Poolsville released their first album, Slop Pop, on the independent label Popsburg records just prior to mark joining the band. In 1998 and 1999 he began singing lead vocals for the group and toured the Northeast to promote the album, playing at venues such as Maxwell's and Mercury Lounge and making appearances at Asbury Park's Pop fest as well as the CMJ and Digital Club Festival.

In the spring of 2000 Poolsville played their last show at Arlene Grocery and the group went their separate ways. Soon after, Mark debuted in a new band he formed called Madamm, and subsequently released his self-produced first album, Return To Sender. At the same time, as a freelance writer at Silicon Alley Reporter, he launched Digital Music Weekly and covered music industry trends interviewing figures such as Christopher Blackwell of Island Records, The Who, and CMJ chief, Bobby Haber.

With Boy bands and Bubblegum Pop at their peak in 2000, Mark sought inspiration on the road, briefly exploring musical theater to play Judas in National and European tours of Jesus Christ Superstar. He took that time to write new material while the music industry matured. Mark returned to New York in the summer of 2001 and can again be seen playing at local venues following throughout Manhattan. He is working on his second album and will be featured in a documentary film currently in production on New York's clandestine music scene.

Mark has a powerful voice with stunning range. The singer-songwriter has since put together a full band, The Sidetracks, which includes a slide guitarist that flawlessly compliments his unique vocal inflection and more wistful ballads. Armed with a number of new songs, his lyrics reveal raw yet poignant observations on life and his own experiences.

Mark's on-stage strong presence and sharp wit is testament of his dedicated following and dynamic live performances. His natural talent and sharp songwriting create memorable melodies while his singing reveals the influences of Elvis Costello, Elliot Smith and The Beatles wrapped up in a voice reminiscent of Chris Cornell.

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