Lauren Kinhan

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Genre: Jazz

Band Bio: Lauren Kinhan has been - and is - many things in her life: vocalist, songwriter, producer, musician, mother and wife. For most of her career, she's been best known as a member of the highly acclaimed jazz vocal group, The New York Voices. As if to solidify her reputation as a group singer, in the past few years she's also been performing regularly with two additional vocal ensembles, the more experimental Moss and the more traditional JaLaLa.

But it's high time that Ms. Kinhan got around to making a "solo" album - one where the focus is on her own singing and writing and interpretation. Now in 2010, E1 Music releases Avalon, which spotlights Lauren Kinhan as both a singer and composer.

Kinhan grew up in Portland, Oregon, but spent most of her adult career based in New York. "I moved to the city in 1989, mainly to pursue my music on a larger scale." She says, "A few years later, I was introduced to Peter Eldridge. We met at my East Village apartment and spent a glorious afternoon writing and talking about music. At the end of the day, he said 'I don't know if you're interested, but we're holding auditions for the 2nd soprano in the New York Voices.' The rest is history. I auditioned and 18 years later, we're still together."

She notes that for the first decade or so, "The Voices took practically all of our time and energy." But she gladly adds that, "lately there's more time for all of us to do other projects." Ms. Kinhan hesitates to describe Avalon as a "solo" album since so many collaborators were involved, yet that might be the most accurate way to characterize the eleven original songs that comprise the album, which run the gamut of styles and genres from jazz to standards to country, folk, Latin, Brazilian, and contemporary pop, and cover a wide range of subjects from romantic love to parenthood to spirituality.

She adds, in conclusion, that the album has been such a highly personal project to her for so long - the process of composing and recording the 12 tracks took years from beginning to end - "I am so curious about what the reactions will be. You know, it never gets old, that excitement of sharing your music with people. It's an opportunity that I really appreciate."

By: DL Media July 2010

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