Johnny Hi-Fi

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Genre: Asian Brit-Pop

Members: Johnny Hi-Fi (Guitar/Vocals), Kim Henry (Guitar/Vocals), Justin Matsubara (Bass), As

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Band Bio: One critic calls them the "Radiohead of the boy-band generation". Another reviewer created for them a new genre "Asian-Britpop". Their fans simply call them the "American Coldplay". And if you still can't visualize it, soon after breaking into the scene in Austin Texas, local TV stations in this "live music capital of the world" dubbed them a "walking fashion statement".

Johnny Hi-Fi started out as your normal teenage garage band, idolizing 80's pop music, and fueled by adolescence. After winning first place at the high school talent show, music took front seat of the band's life. They occasionally played at parties and local pubs while the bandmates struggled through college, but as soon as graduation arrived, music was put into hyper drive. For the next 2 years, the band toured around Texas, bagging over 200 regional shows and a TV spot on PBS.

In 1999, the band relocated to New York City, searching for a bigger fan base. Upon their arrival, "Passive Killer" was licensed by Rock Music in Asia, and debuted at #3 on the chart. This achievement was quickly followed by the release of the well-received album titled "So This Is Love". And for the next 3 years, Johnny Hi-Fi would concentrate on sharpening their songwriting skill, and said goodbye to their garage band days.

Between 2003 and 2004, Johnny Hi-Fi released 3 incredible collections of songs on the "Don't Set Yourself Up" EP, the album "30", and a second EP titled "Scam Artist". Both EPs quickly sold out, and the growing fan base is still looking for copies of "30" and requesting songs from it on their favorite radio stations.

Weeks after the release of "Scam Artist", Johnny Hi-Fi was selected to join A-Yue (multi-platinum artist from Taiwan) on the House-of-Blues-sponsored American Tour, and received national press coverage, as well as numerous requests from TV and radio stations for exclusive interviews and appearances. Since then, the band has made 2 music videos and can be seen regularly on TV from coast to coast. In 2005, Johnny Hi-Fi released their newest album "Sad Stories", and toured Asia supporting its release. As soon as Johnny Hi-Fi returned to America, they hosted 2 premiere episodes of "Live From" and "Top 10 Chi Countdown" for MTV Chi, and is one of the very first artist to be featured on MTV Chi. Johnny Hi-Fi is also scheduled to start their very own US tour in 2006, reaching out to fans who've only seen the band on television or heard them on the radio.

But if you have the chance to ask the band, they still miss their garage band days.

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