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Genre: Soul/R&B

Band Bio: Formed in early 2001, Harlequin are on the cusp of the New York experimental soul scene. Australian born brothers, Isaac and Thorry Koren, front the band. Touring in 2000, as the 'Isaac and Thorry group,' and through playing regularly at Venues in NYC, such as The Bitter End, Baby Jupiters, The Living Room, The Baggot Inn and The Triad Lounge, they have developed an ability to create atmospheres and express song with passion.

Singing with the synchronicity of siblings, yet powerful vocalists in their own right, Isaac and Thorry's voices have been described as Rich and Soulful, their harmonies, Captivating and Colorful. Drawing inspiration from influences such as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and Jeff Buckley their lyrics are nothing short of poetic, raw and inspired with themes reflecting life, love and the struggle of the artist.

Audiences have heralded Harlequin's sound as Diverse, Spirited and Explorative. Their sound implies a deep connection between the musicians which has been compared to artists such as Crowded House, Coldplay and Sade.

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