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Genre: Blues

Members: Colin McShane ? Vocals/Guitar, Tommy Benitez ? Bass, Frank Liranzo ? Drums

Band Bio: "With songs like these, Fountainhead is sure to take the New York City music scene by storm," says a fan, "The music gives a feel from blues roots to Nirvana. That coupled with the love these guys have for their music, I mean, this band is right on."

Fountainhead first formed in September of 2000 with original members James diPretoro, Matthew Calvo, Frank Liranzo, and Colin McShane. The group played their first show at Baby Jupiter, a club on Manhattan's Lower East side that features hot new bands, on December 27th of the same year. Once Fountainhead played their first show, the boys were ready to rock NYC, and shows came on the average of every two weeks. Fountainhead became a regular band in such clubs as Baby Jupiter, Acme Underground, and The Elbow Room. After only three months of playing live, they had major label interest. An executive from SONY music was interested in signing the band, and immediately afterwards the band slowly started to fall apart.

"No one can beat these guy's chemistry on stage," said friend Ryan Stevens "From the crowd I could tell how well they connect through their music. It's amazing to see."

James diPretoro was the first to leave Fountainhead in order to pursue other interests. Left without a lead guitarist, Matthew, Frank, and Colin were confused as to what to do next. As Fountainhead contemplated the idea of moving on as a three piece, Matthew left to pursue other interests as well. Frank and Colin, two of the four original members, could wait around no more. They weighed out their possibilities and decided their best bet was to find a new bass player and continue playing New York City clubs as a three piece. Soon after Matthew's departure from the band, Frank called his friend Tommy to discuss the specifics about him joining the band. Tommy Benitez soon after became Fountainhead's new bass player. Tommy's steady and inventive bass lines not only backs the music but gives it a sound of it's own. The vocals are an original sound, and seeing Colin McShane perform while revealing his soul is a truly an experience. Along with Tommy's bass and Colin's vocals, Frank's heartful rock beats complete the original sound of this up and coming band.

Frank, Tommy, and Colin plan now to give Fountainhead everything they have in order to pursue their dream to be respected as musicians in New York. The three plan to take Fountainhead's music to the absolute top.

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