Dynamic Stew

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Genre: Funk

Members: Ray Holman (drums/vocals), Ryan Duffy (guitar/vocals), Matt Fox (bass), Mike Bennett

Official Site: http://www.dynamicstew.com/

Band Bio: Dynamic Stew: NOUN, definition: A variety of intense, original music, ranging from dirty funk to psychedelic jams, mixed together and thrown into one large pot. Served extra hot and saucy for everlasting flava.

In the spring of 2002, Dynamic Stew was created by Ray Holman (drums/vocals) and Ryan Duffy (guitar/vocals). In early 2003, the talents of Matt Fox (bass) and Mike Bennett (keyboards) each added essential components to the band. Jon Harned (sax/flute), a recently enlisted US Marine, was an integral performer on Dynamic Stew?s self-titled album.

Dynamic Stew, an original funk and improvisational band, hails from Long Island, New York. They perform their music with vigorous ambition, surging their high-energy funk into the audience from start to finish. This innovative sound is a result of the band?s unique song writing and the many influences they incorporate into their music. Each member adds his own creative styles of funk, fusion, jazz, and skillful arrangements. In such a short existence, Dynamic Stew has already surpassed many of their original aspirations.

The band has shared the same bill with many great acts including members of the Parliament Funkadelic, Fuzz and other members of Deep Banana Blackout, and also members of The Meters and Greyboy All-Stars. Most recently, their music has been selected by bakwoods.com for the soundtrack of various snow-boarding videos. Dynamic Stew values the relationship they have built with their audience and this can best be seen onstage. The band?s number one priority is to continuously introduce fresh, new material while creating variations of their existing songs. Each performance is packed with enough intensified funk to keep fans, old and new, coming back for more.

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