Dr. Robot for the Sci-Fi Future

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Genre: Rock, Punk, Rock

Members: GTR-Joe DeManuelle-Hall/DRMS-George Sarpola/BSS-Jordan Cash-Cooper/VCLS-John Morgan

Official Site: myspace.com/drrobotforthescififuture

Band Bio: Dr. Robot for the Sci-Fi Future was formed by drummer George Sarpola and guitarist Joe DeManuelle-Hall. They quickly recruited John Morgan, a good friend, to be the vocalist and to play keyboards. The band was originally much stranger, consisting of drums, guitar, a Roland SH-101 synthesizer, and no vocals. After some convincing, Jordan Cash-Cooper quit another band to join Dr. Robot as their bass player. John Morgan also began to sing for the band. The band has thankfully progressed since those dark days, and has developed their own sound with influences ranging from surf music to psychedelia to experimental to 70's underground. After a year of playing together, Dr. Robot for the Sci-Fi Future released their first EP, entitled "Trust Us, We're Doctors". And in Fall of 2007, finished their second EP, entitled "Brain Surgery".

By: John Morgan

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