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Genre: Rock

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Band Bio: Dominick is a talented, young singer / songwriter hailing from Long Island NY that is currently making a name for himself on the New York City rock club scene. In fact Dominck and his band of local turks are quickly becoming fave staples at hot spots like The Bitter End, Downtime, Don Hill's, and The Elbow Room.

The Dominick sound is fresh and unapoligetcally fun, borrowing hook power, stage energy, and an almost overlooked "NY rock" spin honed by acts like Billy Joel during Turnstiles and the later day Apple Beatles and Saint Marks Stones. Championed by veteran drummer/producer Dino Danelli of The Rascals, Dominick has seemed to pull off the difficult feat of appealing to the "older but still hip" set and the "young post-teen club girl" crowd at once.

Recent gigs have seen the likes of "The Radio Chic" Lesley Gold, drummer Carmine Appace, Joey Zero, cable access ledgend Barry Z, andothers mingling with the always present packed house of fantasticaly beautiful girls dancing, singing along, and basically hanging on Dominick's next poetic lyric. Strange yes, but Dominick proves once again that the combo of good looks and ernest musicianship never goes out of chic.

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