Danny Diablo

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Genre: R&B

Official Site: http://www.dannydiablo.com/

Band Bio: Now everyone's favorite redheaded Puerto Rican Jew is back in his truest form, Danny Diablo, ready to bring his brand of real-life thuggery to the masses. With "TCOB" squarely tattooed on his fist, Diablo is taking care of business with his unique blend of hardcore rhymes over hip hop beats. Making his debut on The Transplants' new joint, Diablo's creative juices are flowing and he is ready to take his show on the road. With the production skills of Dante Ross (Everlast, Brand Nubian, 3rd Bass) in his corner, and a list of cameos that would make P. Diddy jealous, Diablo is poised to knock out the competition in 2004. The legend of Danny Diablo lives on...

By: DannyDiablo.com

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