Convict Orange

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Genre: Punk

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Band Bio: Convict Orange started playing together in May of 2003 at Earthquake studios in Watchung, New Jersey. I was playing bass again for the first time since Joystick broke up in 1999. Tom, who had always been a drummer, picked up the guitar while Ian, our drummer, had never been in a band before. Neither Tom nor I had any singing experience. Somehow it worked?Maybe because were all neurotics. Maybe it was our attitude towards. Our sound is old school punk with an original twist that is always honest, and always brings kids back to our next show. "We do it for the kids", says Brave Dave. We played our first show a couple of months later at Tomstock, an event Tom and Ian held at their house, the "195". Vision headlined and over 500 people showed up. Our First real gig was on Friday February 13th, 2004, at the Court Tavern. Since then we have been playing on a regular basis, conquering clubs like the Continental (NYC) and The Brighton Bar, and other popular venues.

"You can?t change the past, but you can ruin a perfectly good present by worrying about the future."


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