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Genre: Folk, Rock, Heavy Metal

Members: dan,jamie,jason,slink,ross,etc

Official Site: http://www.thebunnybrains.com

Band Bio: Led by guitarist/singer/instigator Daniel Saxton Bunny, this revolving troupe of mental patients and sociopaths oozed out of Connecticut’s stony landscape in the early ’90s, upping the ante on rock ’n’ roll stupidity to nearly unreachable peaks with shows that started out at total meltdown and proceeded to use electricity as torture. While comparable to early Flipper or the escapades of the Butthole Surfers, the Brains lack the focus, the control or even the song structure of those two. Instead, they rely on improvisation and instant poetry of the vilest sort. Imagine the Grateful Dead jacked to the gills on PCP and paranoia while someone butchers sheep behind them and you might get an idea of what these guys are about. Then again, you might not.

By: david slurpnik

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