Brothers NYC

Brothers NYC

Location: Brooklyn
Record Label: BRO.K.E.N.
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Genre: Rock

Billy Sorrentino (songwriter, vocals, guitar)
Dylan Boelte (vocals, bass)
Damon Boelte (lead guitar)
Blaine O'Brien (vocals, bluesharp, pedal steel)
Mike O'Rourke (drums, percussion)
Drew Blood (piano, vocals)

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Band Bio: Originating from Brooklyn, the six man known as Brothers NYC has mastered the art of using distorted guitars, harmonicas and pedal steels to create a sound that is all their own. The music is hard hitting and thematic and has a nostalgic feel that easily sets them apart from the onslaught of other rockers doing it in and around NYC. With just a touch of Southern influence Brothers NYC make music that makes you want to get out of your seat to dance and sing along to every tune.

Next time you're looking for some original soul infused Rock n' Roll, look no further than Brothers NYC. You will know it's Brothers by the matching leather jackets with the three eyed tiger imprinted on the back that the band is notorious for wearing.

By: David Nazario

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