Blunt Force Trauma

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Genre: Rock

Members: Kevin McDonald - Guitar / Vocals
Enzo Ricci - Guitar
Michael Parillo - Dr

Band Bio: Sick and tired of the millennial angst that dominates the rock 'n' roll scene these days, Blunt Force throws a soaring counter-punch in the name of festive American roots music. Casually yet masterfully seasoning bloozy rock 'n' roll with hints of greasy funk, finger-lickin' R&B, and down-home rockabilly twang, this Garden State quintet adds just enough space-rock madness to remind us that we teeter on the brink of a new age.

Hauling its vast catalog of songs from pillar to post in the New York Metropolitan area, Blunt Force has spent the last two years thrilling club and party crowds with familiar and obscure covers by the likes of Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix, and Jerry Garcia. Add to that a growing array of groovy original tunes and the occasional outburst of onstage hi-jinx, and you're looking at guys whose incredible vocal harmonies are matched only by their telepathic instrumental interplay.

So rev up your next event with as many sets as you can handle of unadulterated, no-holds-barred rock 'n' roll, courtesy of Blunt Force - "the dancin'-in-the-streets, toe-tappin' remedy to late-'90s mope-rock techno-babble."

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